Tadpoles in a pond

Ted 的蛻變

莫小覷蝌蚪少時貌不驚人,經歷蛻變後便離開水面,成為大自然中之兩棲益蟲。蛻變中的小蝌蚪恰好比小孩子。孩子經過教育之洗禮後,大可成為造福社會的棟樑之材。本教育中心的象徵人物 Ted,是一隻活潑好學的小蝌蚪。Ted臉上的問號,正代表著牠以滿臉好奇的心情,去思考生活每件事背後的道理。

Taddepol is the middle English name (not commonly used today) for tadpole, the larva stage of frog.  A tadpole has to go through a metamorphic process before turning into a frog.  At the completion of this process, a frog matures as an amphibian creature instead of remaining merely waterborne.  We envisage education as a metamorphic process in which young students are maturing into good mannered persons through acquiring knowledge and wisdom.  Ted, the character portrayed in our logo, is a jolly little tadpole eager to learn to make that metaphoric change.  The question mark on his face is a reflection of his enthusiastic mentality to fathom the depth of knowledge to the best he could.

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